Health  Vol.2 No.10 , October 2010
Balm “Graal” – perspective antinarcotic and antialcoholic remedy
Abstract: The balm “Graal” (BG) was created within the limits of transnational program “Chernobil Help”. It includes the water-spirit secretion pressed out from the feed-curative plants of Caucasus as well as mountain honey, pollen of the Georgian beer flower and the red wine made from the vine of unique bread. The balm is registrated in the Republics of Ukraine and Byelorussia as a radioprotective Means for preventive inspection and medical treatment of radial injuri. The results was of the balm research on antinarcotic and antialcoholic action is represented in the Article, which was held in the medical centre of radiology in Obninsky city of Russian Federation. In experiments on adult mice and rats it is shown, that radioprotective balm “Graal” (the nonalcoholic concentrate) is effective means for preventive maintenance and treatment of various forms of medicinal dependence (alkoholism, a narcotism). In various tests of conditioned reflexive training, it has been shown, that BG considerably reduces amnestic and narcotic action of ethanol. Natural BG (spirit-including) caused considerably smaller changes in behaviour of animals, rather than equivalent volume of the pure spirit contained in balm. Regular introduction BG by an animal improved the general physical condition of animals and raised their serviceability without effects of an exhaustion, characteristics for other neurostimulators.
Cite this paper: nullMelkadze, R. (2010) Balm “Graal” – perspective antinarcotic and antialcoholic remedy. Health, 2, 1226-1231. doi: 10.4236/health.2010.210182.

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