OJMSi  Vol.1 No.1 , January 2013
Research on Performance of Ground-Source Heat Pump Double U Underground Pipe Heat Exchange
This paper uses FLUENT software building the three-dimensional unsteady state model of ground source heat pump single U and double U underground pipe to study on heat exchange of underground pipe system in the condition of unsteady state long-term continuous running, analyzes the change of soil temperature filed around underground pipe and performance of underground pipe heat exchange between single U and double U pipe system. The results show that double U pipe system is better than single U system, which can improve unit depth heat exchange efficiency, reduce the number of wells and reduce the initial investment.

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Jing, Y. , Hou, J. and Yang, P. (2013) Research on Performance of Ground-Source Heat Pump Double U Underground Pipe Heat Exchange. Open Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 1, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/ojmsi.2013.11001.
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