OJAppS  Vol.2 No.4 B , December 2012
A Study on Ranged-Gated Lidar System with Linear Plus
Abstract: According to the study of super-resolution range-gated system, we proposed an improved system with linear plus detects. And a range function is derived by considering the shot effect noise and dark current noise. The simulation shows that the improved system has a good range accuracy capability.
Cite this paper: nullYU, L. , WEI, Q. , JIANG, H. , ZHANG, T. , WANG, C. , ZHU, R. and JIANG, Z. (2012) A Study on Ranged-Gated Lidar System with Linear Plus. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 2, 243-246. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24B055.

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