OJAppS  Vol.2 No.4 B , December 2012
Cross-kink multi-soliton solutions for the (3+1)-D Jimbo-Miwa equation
Author(s) Zhenhui Xu*, Hanlin Chen
In this paper, by using bilinear form and extended three-wave type of ans¨atz approach, we obtain new cross-kink multi-soliton solutions of the (3+1)-dimensional Jimbo-Miwa equation, including the periodic breather-type of kink three-soliton solutions, the cross-kink four-soliton solutions, the doubly periodic breathertype of soliton solutions and the doubly periodic breather-type of cross-kink two-soliton solutions. It is shown that the generalized three-wave method, with the help of symbolic computation, provides an effective and powerful mathematical tool for solving high dimensional nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics.

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nullXu, Z. and Chen, H. (2012) Cross-kink multi-soliton solutions for the (3+1)-D Jimbo-Miwa equation. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 2, 215-218. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24B049.
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