AJAC  Vol.4 No.1 , January 2013
Silica Gel Supported Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid for Selective Extraction and Determination of Coumarin

In this study, a modified silica gel surface with a hydrophobic ionic liquid (SG-1,10-PhenanNTf2) was used as an adsorbent for a selective extraction of coumarin prior to its determination by use of high performance liquid chromatography. Results demonstrated that SG-1,10-PhenanNTf2 phase had a good adsorption capacity up to 85.29 mg?g?1, high selectivity, good site accessibility and fast binding kinetics toward coumarin. The adsorption capacity for coumarin was improved by 62.33% with the SG-1,10-PhenanNTf2 phase as compared to activated silica gel. Adsorption isotherm data displayed that the adsorption process was mainly monolayer on a homogeneous adsorbent surface, confirming the validity of Langmuir adsorption isotherm model. The adsorption of coumarin on the SG-1,10-PhenanNTf2 phase was accomplished after only 60 min contact time. Results of kinetic models showed that the adsorption of coumarin on the SG-1,10-PhenanNTf2 phase obeyed a pseudo second-order kinetic model. Finally, the efficiency of this methodology was confirmed by applying it to real water samples.

Cite this paper: H. Marwani and E. Bakhsh, "Silica Gel Supported Hydrophobic Ionic Liquid for Selective Extraction and Determination of Coumarin," American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 4 No. 1, 2013, pp. 8-16. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2013.41002.

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