OJFD  Vol.2 No.4 A , December 2012
Influence of Additional Device on Performance of the Marine Current Turbine
Abstract: To investigate the influence of additional device on the flow in marine current turbine, two additional devices for ma- rine current turbine including short diffuser and long diffuser types are studied based on the test data of original marine current turbine. The results of numerical simulation show that the additional device with flange structure, compared to marine current turbine without additional device, can obtain more output power. However, it brings the inhomogeneity of additional device force as the increasing of effective output power. At same time, due to existence of the flange, two karman vortices are found behind the flange. The low pressure region produced by additional device and flange struc- ture can speed up the flow around the marine current turbine, so as to improve the output power.
Cite this paper: B. Cui, Z. Song, Y. Zhang, Y. Jin and Y. Lin, "Influence of Additional Device on Performance of the Marine Current Turbine," Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2012, pp. 305-310. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2012.24A037.

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