NS  Vol.4 No.12 A , December 2012
Influence β-radioactive radiation on tissues of the organism
Abstract: Research of interaction of β-radioactive radiation with biotissue of an organism is lead. It is shown, that during electrons moderation there is a brake electromagnetic radiation usually in an X-ray range. There are derivatives of the formulas in not relativistic and relativistic variant for a finding of dependence of a flux brake electromagnetic radiation from frequency, of charging number elements of a biotissue, of a parameter of efficiency braking of electrons, of initial intensity of a flux of electrons and initial energy of electrons, is given.
Cite this paper: Volobuev, A. , Petrov, E. and Ovchinnikov, E. (2012) Influence β-radioactive radiation on tissues of the organism. Natural Science, 4, 1085-1096. doi: 10.4236/ns.2012.412A137.

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