AMPC  Vol.2 No.4 , December 2012
Organometallic Titanium Oxides Obtained by Low-Pressure Plasmas of Water on Titanium Tetrapropoxide
Abstract: This work describes the synthesis of organometallic titanium oxides using low-pressure plasmas of water on titanium tetrapropoxide (TTP) in solid phase with glow discharges in the 0.3 - 0.9 mbar, 100 - 150 W and 60 - 240 min intervals. The accelerated particles in the plasma promoted chemical reactions which produced the partial separation of organic and inorganic parts of TTP with the consequent formation of TiO in organometallic films and particles with photosensitivity. These compounds could hardly be obtained by conventional chemical synthesis. The size of particles was calculated in the 50 - 414 nm interval. The elemental analysis of the titanium oxides indicates that the C/Ti and O/Ti atomic ratios are in the 0.63 - 0.54 and 1.89 - 1.96 intervals respectively, depending on the conditions of synthesis, which suggests that the organic residues are approximately half of the inorganic content. This proportion affects the X-ray diffraction of the organometallic compounds making them essentially amorphous; however, they may have overlapped arrangements resembling some faces of anatase, at 25.3o and 32.5o, and rutile, at 43o, phases. The electrical conductivity of TiO between 20℃ and 100℃ was from 10–10 to 10–12 S/m with activation energy in the 0 - 2.12 eV interval with 3 tendencies associated with temperature.
Cite this paper: F. González-Salgado, G. Cruz, M. Olayo, G. García-Rosales and L. Gómez, "Organometallic Titanium Oxides Obtained by Low-Pressure Plasmas of Water on Titanium Tetrapropoxide," Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2012, pp. 212-218. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2012.24032.

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