JMMCE  Vol.11 No.11 , November 2012
Effect of Titanium Addition on Behavior of Medium Carbon Steel
Abstract: This work aims at investigating the influence of titanium addition on behavior of medium carbon steel. Three types of medium carbon steel with different titanium content and one reference steel titanium free were produced in 100 kg induction furnace. Titanium addition was increased up to 0.230%. The produced steels were forged at start temperature 1150°C. Forging process was finished at temperatures 900°C, 975°C, and 1050°C. Microstructure examination and hardness measurement were carried out for forged steels. Mechanical properties and impact measurements were carried out for quenched tempered steels. Ti addition was found to have significant influence on refinement of grains and increase of ferrite/pearlite ratio. It was also, observed that grain size decreases as finishing temperature of forging process decreases. Both Ti addition and lowering finishing forging temperature have positive effect on hardness. In addition, results indicated that addition of titanium has significant effect on the mechanical properties and toughness.
Cite this paper: H. El-Faramawy, S. Ghali and M. Eissa, "Effect of Titanium Addition on Behavior of Medium Carbon Steel," Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Vol. 11 No. 11, 2012, pp. 1108-1112. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.1111118.

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