OJPS  Vol.2 No.3 , October 2012
An Ecosystem (ECO) Approach on Wisdom Societies and Sociotechnical Systems
Abstract: This paper explores the challenges and expresses some reflections on information and Knowledge/Wise (KW) societies and Socio-technical Systems (SS) based on an Organizational Eco-systems (ECOs) approach. It considers the SS constituting KW societies as a set of heterogeneous and interactive actors and presents considerations on the challenges faced by an organizational Ecosystem (ECO), challenges that require organizations actions towards treatment of organizations as living beings inserted in ECOs, aiming to leverage organizational synergism and collaborative efforts; information partnership and collaborative relationships between ECOs members; a more fairly shared leadership, empowering bottom up processes on organizational ECOs decision making. It is presented a brief case regarding Brazil’s Public Research and Development arrangement “National Institute of Science and Technology in Micro and Nano-electonic Systems” (NAMITEC), relating this initiative advances and problems in terms of multi-organizational cooperation and transference of technological knowledge to the productive sector and to society.

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Balloni, A. , Azevedo, A. and Silveira, M. (2012) An Ecosystem (ECO) Approach on Wisdom Societies and Sociotechnical Systems. Open Journal of Political Science, 2, 27-31. doi: 10.4236/ojps.2012.23004.
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