OJPsych  Vol.2 No.4 , October 2012
A psychiatric whodunit: Serotonin syndrome in the emergency department
Abstract: Serotonin syndrome is a life-threatening reaction associated with serotonergic agents. Its mortality is estimated around 11%, hence prompt diagnosis is necessary [1]. Given the variability of its presentation, physicians often misdiagnose this devastating condition. We present a case of serotonin syndrome seen in the Emergency Department by an on-call psychiatric resident and review the Hunter Serotonin Toxicity Criteria, emphasizing the importance of physician familiarity with these criteria.
Cite this paper: Rodgman, C. , Thompson, M. , Vergara, N. and Rodgman, C. (2012) A psychiatric whodunit: Serotonin syndrome in the emergency department. Open Journal of Psychiatry, 2, 281-283. doi: 10.4236/ojpsych.2012.24039.

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