CE  Vol.3 No.6 A , October 2012
Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy—Making a Difference through the Buckman Fellowship
Fostering an attitude of giving back is a useful exercise to consider within the academic community. There are many curricula that include leadership or philanthropy, but few that provide opportunities for individuals whose academic focus is neither exclusively philanthropy nor leadership. The Buckman Fellowship offers a unique program for innovative, creative, and motivated university faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni to gain leadership and philanthropic skills needed to implement projects of their own design and powered by their own passion. Housed within a university, the program cultivates emerging philanthropic leaders, with a formal evaluation of stakeholders to refine its objectives and continually improve its outcomes.

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DeLong, M. , Kahn, C. & Newell, J. (2012). Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy—Making a Difference through the Buckman Fellowship. Creative Education, 3, 1158-1163. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.326172.
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