NS  Vol.4 No.9 , September 2012
High power lasers and ecology of atmosphere (I)
Abstract: There are many appearances in the literature of reliable observations of studying so-called “jets” and “sprites” - the discharges in the gigantic natural capacitor “Ionosphere-Earth” [1]. The volume of such a discharge is approximately 5-10 thousand cubic kilometers and usually it appears above the surface of ocean. There are the cases also of above mentioned discharges on the ground. The value of the energy transferred to the earth can comprise to several terajoule. Events are accompanied by the emission of the waves of ultra-low frequency. Their study has the significant interest from many points of view. The essence of the observed irregular phenomena consists of the electromechanical conversion of the energy excesses of natural electricity into mechanical and thermal energy of cyclones, typhoons and other natural cataclysms. The ionosphere can retain only the specific quantity of energy. Otherwise, it discards the surpluses of electricity through the atmosphere or transforms them into the energy of storms, in that number and inside the Earth. By using the part of the natural electricity for useful purposes it is possible to govern the weather of planet. Causing the artificial breakdowns of the ionosphere it could be possible to arrange the discharge of the controlled aqueous sediments at the necessary points of the globe. It could be possible as well to attempt to regulate the climate of planet and to decrease the amplitudes of the magnetic storms, earthquakes and hurricanes.
Cite this paper: Apollonov, V. (2012) High power lasers and ecology of atmosphere (I). Natural Science, 4, 705-712. doi: 10.4236/ns.2012.49093.

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