Health  Vol.2 No.6 , June 2010
Sublingual epidermoid cyst—a case report
Abstract: In this article we present the case of an epidermoid cyst of sublingual space along with submental extension in a 35 year old lady who presented with a mass in the oral cavity. On examination a mass was seen on the floor of the mouth displacing the tongue superiorly. Diffuse fullness was noted in the submental region. The lesion was excised under general anaesthesia with nasotracheal intubation. The entire mass was removed intra orally. The histological features were suggestive of epidermoid cyst. The patient did well postoperatively and no recurrence was seen during 8 months follow up.
Cite this paper: nullBhandary, S. , Bhat, V. and Shenoy, M. (2010) Sublingual epidermoid cyst—a case report. Health, 2, 613-614. doi: 10.4236/health.2010.26091.

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