Health  Vol.4 No.7 , July 2012
Quality assessment of intraoperative frozen sections: An analysis of 261 consecutive cases in a resource limited area: Morocco
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy and limits of a frozen section analysis in our department in order to develop a quality control. Materials and methods: all frozen sections reported at our department between 1st January 2010 and 31st December 2010, have been retrospectively evaluated. The frozen section results were compared to permanent paraffin section results. Results: Frozen sections and final diagnosis agreed in 95% and disagreed in 5% (13 cases), 6.6% of the cases were deferred (17 cases). The most common pathological processes encountered were presence/typing of neoplasm (85.4%) and assessment of surgical margins (7.3%). Conclusion: The accuracy of frozen sections diagnosis at our department can be interpreted as comparable with the most international quality control series and is valuable to assist surgeons in their decision.
Cite this paper: Chbani, L. , Mohamed, S. , Harmouch, T. , Fatemi, H. and Amarti, A. (2012) Quality assessment of intraoperative frozen sections: An analysis of 261 consecutive cases in a resource limited area: Morocco. Health, 4, 433-435. doi: 10.4236/health.2012.47068.

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