CS  Vol.3 No.3 , July 2012
Optimization of the Voltage Doubler Stages in an RF-DC Convertor Module for Energy Harvesting
Abstract: This paper presents an optimization of the voltage doubler stages in an energy conversion module for Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting system at 900 MHz band. The function of the energy conversion module is to convert the (RF) signals into direct-current (DC) voltage at the given frequency band to power the low power devices/circuits. The design is based on the Villard voltage doubler circuit. A 7 stage Schottky diode voltage doubler circuit is designed, modeled, simulated, fabricated and tested in this work. Multisim was used for the modeling and simulation work. Simulation and measurement were carried out for various input power levels at the specified frequency band. For an equivalent incident signal of –40 dBm, the circuit can produce 3mV across a 100 k? load. The results also show that there is a multiplication factor of 22 at 0 dBm and produces DC output voltage of 5.0 V in measurement. This voltage can be used to power low power sensors in sensor networks ultimately in place of batteries.
Cite this paper: K. Devi, N. Din and C. Chakrabarty, "Optimization of the Voltage Doubler Stages in an RF-DC Convertor Module for Energy Harvesting," Circuits and Systems, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2012, pp. 216-222. doi: 10.4236/cs.2012.33030.

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