JSEMAT  Vol.2 No.2 , April 2012
Anodic Behavior of Zn-Al-Be Alloys in NaCl Solution and the Influence of Be on Structure
Abstract: Potentiodynamic results of anodic behavior of Zn5Al and Zn55Al alloys, alloyed with Beryllium in the ambience of NaCl electrolyte and their microstructures are studied. They showed that a small addition of Beryllium (0.005 - 0.05 wt%) improves the corrosion resistance of Zn5Al and Zn55Al original alloys to 2 - 3 times by changing grains shape to spherical and changing sizes to small grains. The proposed composition of Zinc-Aluminum alloy, which contains of Beryllium, can be used as anodic coatings to protect steel products and constructions against corrosion.
Cite this paper: R. Amini, Z. Obidov, I. Ganiev and M. Razazi, "Anodic Behavior of Zn-Al-Be Alloys in NaCl Solution and the Influence of Be on Structure," Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2012, pp. 127-131. doi: 10.4236/jsemat.2012.22020.

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