OJIC  Vol.2 No.2 , April 2012
Solid state transformation of cis and trans methylcyclopentadienyl molybdenumdicarbonyltriphenylphosphineiodide on pelleting utilizing different diluents
[(η5-C5H4Me)Mo(CO)2PPh3I] undergoes solid state transformation on the formation of a good pellet for FT IR measurement. There was a formation of the products mixture on pelleting using different diluents of group I metal salts on either the cis or the trans isomer of the [(η5-C5H4Me)Mo(CO)2PPh3I] complex. The cis or the trans isomer gave the same IR spectra i.e. a mixture of cis and trans isomer of the complex. It does not matter the isomer started with in the course of solid state transformation reaction, an equilibrium ratio of 30/70 (trans/cis) will still be achieved. The solid state IR spectra show very strong peaks at νco 1957, 1947 and strong peaks at 1867, 1853 cm–1. The individual IR cis/trans isomer will therefore show at 1947 and 1853/1957 and 1867 cm–1. The solution IR spectra gave, cis = 1961, 1875 and trans = 1963, 1882 cm–1 in dry CHCl3. Hence, most of the solid state IR measurement of the organometallic complex of the type (η5-C5H4Me)Mo(CO)2(PPh3)I on pelleting will give isomer mixture.

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Adeyemi, O. and Salami, U. (2012) Solid state transformation of cis and trans methylcyclopentadienyl molybdenumdicarbonyltriphenylphosphineiodide on pelleting utilizing different diluents. Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2, 28-32. doi: 10.4236/ojic.2012.22005.
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