OJPsych  Vol.2 No.2 , April 2012
Case report: Olanzapine-induced acute pancreatitis and new diabetes mellitus
Abstract: The aim of this case study is to review the literature and report the first published case of olanzapine-induced acute pancreatitis in New Zealand. A case report of acute pancreatitis with new onset diabetes mellitus secondary to olanzapine in a 42-year-old male, in the absence of medical risk factors is reported. Eleven previous case reports of olanzapine induced acute-pancreatitis were identified in the literature. A 42-year-old male was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and new diabetes mellitus induced by olanzapine. Although rare, pancreatitis is associated with use of some atypical antipsychotic medications. It is important for prescribers to be aware of this potentially fatal side effect. In addition to this, we are highlighting the well documented evidence of metabolic disruption associated with olanzapine.
Cite this paper: Monasterio, E. , Bhalla, R. and McKean, A. (2012) Case report: Olanzapine-induced acute pancreatitis and new diabetes mellitus. Open Journal of Psychiatry, 2, 110-112. doi: 10.4236/ojpsych.2012.22015.

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