JCDSA  Vol.2 No.1 , March 2012
A Clinical Quiz: What Is Your Diagnosis?
Abstract: Case of conventional/classic type of Erythema abigne (Eai) as a quiz. The diagnosis is straightforward with satisfying the diagnostic “H triad”: 1) history of cold weather, 2) heat source exposures-prolonged and or frequent, and 3) hyperpigmentation-reticulate dusky erythematous and confined to the exposed sites, then the diagnosis is outstanding, and a 4th H; confirmatory his topathological assay may be avoided. Otherwise, in case of confusion by missing any h of the h triad the 4th H should be seeked. Eai is frequently found in literature as a clinical quiz, but it is in fact not prevalent, though in started recently to report a spike with the advent of global weather changes and modern laptop technology. The different categories of Eai-s depending on the different causes are elaborated here in the paper, and the different complications as well. This quiz case in published as a reminder of Eai, in order to raise the attention of clinicians to this rare transforming dermatosis, as Eai might herald a cancer, or it may potentially evolve to a cancer, hence; it fluctuates between two cancers, thus it worth alarming.
Cite this paper: H. Shelleh and H. Al-Fahaad, "A Clinical Quiz: What Is Your Diagnosis?," Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, Vol. 2 No. 1, 2012, pp. 28-31. doi: 10.4236/jcdsa.2012.21007.

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