SS  Vol.3 No.3 , March 2012
Respiratory Epithelial Adenomatoid Hamartoma of the Nasal Cavity: A Case Report
Abstract: Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma (REAH) is an uncommon lesion of the upper aerodigestive tract. It usually presents as a nasal or as a sinus or nasopharyngeal mass. The potential danger associated with REAH is the risk of misdiagnosis. Recognition and awareness of this benign lesion is necessary to distinguish it from inverted papilloma and adenocarcinoma. This is important to avoid aggressive surgery. We report a case of REAH diagnosed on histopathology.
Cite this paper: R. Punia, I. Mundi, A. Dass and H. Mohan, "Respiratory Epithelial Adenomatoid Hamartoma of the Nasal Cavity: A Case Report," Surgical Science, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2012, pp. 165-167. doi: 10.4236/ss.2012.33032.

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