CRCM  Vol.11 No.9 , September 2022
Cytology and Genetic Analysis of Liver Echinococcosis in a Woman Came from Bolivia
Abstract: Echinococcosis is a global and zoonotic helminthic disease caused by Echinococcus sp. A 24-year-old woman, coming from Bolivia two years before, was diagnosed as cystic echinococcosis (CE) by unstained wet mount and cytological findings through aspiration cytology from the liver, suggested as liver abscess by diagnostic images. The patient was classified as CE1, smaller than 5 cm, and was diagnosed as P1N0M0, stage I. The phylogenetic trees of Echinococcus spp., based on cox1 genes showed that the isolates on the patient belonged to E. ortleppi. The patient was conservatively treated with two courses of albendazole therapy. E. ortleppi has been reported to be in regions including Latin America, except with Japan. Although the patient came from Bolivia before two years, this is the first case report of E. ortleppi from liver echinococcosis in Japan.
Cite this paper: Futamra, N. , Niwa, K. , Ohta, M. , Mori, S. , Hara, A. , Niwa, Y. , Katagiri, Y. , Tanaka, T. and Nakamoto, K. (2022) Cytology and Genetic Analysis of Liver Echinococcosis in a Woman Came from Bolivia. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 11, 399-407. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2022.119056.

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