ADR  Vol.10 No.3 , August 2022
On Jia Zhangke’s Documentary Aesthetics
Abstract: Jia Zhangke’s films show a kind of conscious humanistic care, artistic pursuit and unique camera language in front of the audience, which makes jia’s films with extremely personal become a unique scenery line in the film industry. This paper mainly discusses the documentary aesthetics of Jia Zhangke’s films from three angles: the attention to the sound of films, the attention to the living state of marginal people and the insistence on the documentary . On the basis of a detailed interpretation of the characteristics of Jia Zhangke’s film aesthetic , the theme of Jia Zhangke’s films is summarized as follows: One is to show the real and ordinary Chinese people, showing their shining point, that is, the positive mental state in the face of life and life and the passion of life everywhere; The second is to film the ordinary People’s Daily life as a starting point to show the development and changes of Chinese history, systematically comb and analyze Jia Zhangke’s films.
Cite this paper: Zhang, L. (2022) On Jia Zhangke’s Documentary Aesthetics. Art and Design Review, 10, 370-375. doi: 10.4236/adr.2022.103028.

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