JBiSE  Vol.1 No.3 , November 2008
Recent developments in biomedicine fields for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Abstract: Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) can be used to determine solid, liquid, colloi-dal, and biological samples. It is a promising technique for analysis and characterization of the composition of a broad variety of objects. This review describes in brief the basic prin-ciples and technological aspects of LIBS, and the most recent progress of the various ap-plications of this technique in biomedicine fields will be reviewed in detail, including bio-aerosols detection and identification, tis-sue analysis, mineral analysis in human body, and detection of zinc in human skin. Finally new approaches and the prospects in bio-medicine fields of LIBS technique are de-scribed.
Cite this paper: nullLiu, X. and Zhang, W. (2008) Recent developments in biomedicine fields for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 1, 147-151. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2008.13024.

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