AID  Vol.12 No.2 , June 2022
The Social Determinants of Health in Relation to Sexually Transmitted Infections in Maricopa County Arizona
Abstract: Based on the information that was collected on the County Health Rankings website [1], one of the top health concerns for Maricopa County was sexually transmitted infections or STIs. A big concern with STIs is this is not a common subject explored in educational settings or addressed socially. There are many organizations, including the CDC, that have access to materials, there is limited distribution of the educational content. Therefore, the public is not well informed and lacks the information to make educated decisions. The areas with insufficiencies are knowledge of the disease processes, prevention, and treatment.
Cite this paper: Picciano, B. , Vizcaino, A. , Hernandez, R. , Vizcaino, F. , Coutino, C. , Trevino IV, A. and Paz, J. (2022) The Social Determinants of Health in Relation to Sexually Transmitted Infections in Maricopa County Arizona. Advances in Infectious Diseases, 12, 328-336. doi: 10.4236/aid.2022.122026.

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