ADR  Vol.10 No.2 , May 2022
AI Film Creation Oriented Transformation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Abstract: AI film is a commercial film genre with distinctive technical nature and profound thought, which includes two branches: AI film on the level of technical practicality and AI film on the level of subject creation. With the rapid development of science and technology, creation orientations of AI films have also changed. The reason is that the art world is a reflection of the real world, and is also viewed and reconstructed by the real world. Perceptions and concepts of the real world will have an indirect impact on the foundation of the art world, and artistic ideas can in turn become the trigger and starting point for real world developments. Nowadays, against the backdrop of deep impacts brought by artificial intelligence in everyday life, clarifying AI film creation-oriented transformation and its underlying logic shed light on current artistic creations of films and TV productions.
Cite this paper: Zhu, Y. and Zhang, B. (2022) AI Film Creation Oriented Transformation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Art and Design Review, 10, 272-279. doi: 10.4236/adr.2022.102020.

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