AiM  Vol.12 No.5 , May 2022
Analysis of Prevalent Leptospira Serovar in Different Animals of South Gujarat Region during the Year of 2020
Abstract: Aim of Study: Leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonotic disease transmitted through contact with animals that are harbouring leptospira. Knowledge of prevalent leptospira in a particular animal of a particular geographical area is essential to understand the epizootiology of disease, to understand the linkage between circulating serovars in animals and in humans, and to apply appropriate control measures, etc. Material and Methods: Animal samples from different districts of the south Gujarat region received in the Microbiology department during the year of 2020 for the Microscopic agglutination test (MAT) of leptospirosis were included in the study. Results of MAT which was already performed using 12 different serovars were analysed to prevent serovars in a particular animal. Quantitative data were analysed using frequency and percentage. Result: Out of 1406 animal samples, 151 (11 percent) were positive from animals like cows, buffalos, bullocks and goats. More prevalent serovars in cows were L. ictrohemorrahiae (22%), L. hardjo (19%), L. patoc (17%) and L. pyrogen (16%). In buffalo, L. patoc (58%) and L. hardjo (27%) were found. L. hardjo (50%) in bullock and L. automonalis (50%), L. australis (22%) and L. patoc (14%) in goat were found as prevent serovars. Conclusion: Different prevent serovars has been observed in different animals from the different district south Gujarat region which will be helpful to trace the source of infection in human, to apply control measures, to know the epizootiology of disease, for developing strategies in the future during vaccine development with emphasizing more on the prevalent serovars.
Cite this paper: Panwala, T. , Mistry, Y. and Mullan, S. (2022) Analysis of Prevalent Leptospira Serovar in Different Animals of South Gujarat Region during the Year of 2020. Advances in Microbiology, 12, 327-332. doi: 10.4236/aim.2022.125023.

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