AM  Vol.13 No.2 , February 2022
Construction and Update of an Online Ensemble Score Involving Linear Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression
Abstract: The present aim is to update, upon arrival of new learning data, the parameters of a score constructed with an ensemble method involving linear discriminant analysis and logistic regression in an online setting, without the need to store all of the previously obtained data. Poisson bootstrap and stochastic approximation processes were used with online standardized data to avoid numerical explosions, the convergence of which has been established theoretically. This empirical convergence of online ensemble scores to a reference “batch” score was studied on five different datasets from which data streams were simulated, comparing six different processes to construct the online scores. For each score, 50 replications using a total of 10N observations (N being the size of the dataset) were performed to assess the convergence and the stability of the method, computing the mean and standard deviation of a convergence criterion. A complementary study using 100N observations was also performed. All tested processes on all datasets converged after N iterations, except for one process on one dataset. The best processes were averaged processes using online standardized data and a piecewise constant step-size.
Cite this paper: Lalloué, B. , Monnez, J. , Albuisson, E. , (2022) Construction and Update of an Online Ensemble Score Involving Linear Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression. Applied Mathematics, 13, 228-242. doi: 10.4236/am.2022.132018.

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