JACEN  Vol.11 No.1 , February 2022
Past, Present and Future of Urban Agriculture in Cameroon: Major Contemporary Challenges (1993-2017)
Abstract: In the 21st Century, Food and Agricultural stakes are sinuously rushing in a difficult legible heading. Crossing a transitory phase period between Agriculture, Traditional, Urban and Modern, the affirmation of a conquering alimentary identity and Nationalist openings is confuse with an Extraordinary Demographic Period of human scale history. Millions of people are worried about the innovation of urban agriculture for food and health security. Food education at the confines of the world’s greatest stakes proves necessary, since the order oneself retreat combines with the passion of solidarity and social progress, advance in technology, facilitating our life at same time generating new threats for citizenship. In this Article, we propose another way of reading the heterogeneous world of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Not only for Historians but also by associating Scientific Relations of Social and Human Researchers. Such a step is necessary to endorse the word of reading, for comparism and review of an agriculture in full mutation. It also instigates by referring to History, Social force, Economic stakes and Diplomatic globalization food teste, intention and invention, which change with the everyday society. You will find out that analysis done in this article are sometime completely done events through original texts, assembled around the five fundamental notions: International Relations and Geopolitical Agriculture of yesterday; Yesterday Urban Economic Agriculture; Environmental and Food Climate Stakes, Science and Culture adapted to agriculture and food mutations.
Cite this paper: Sogang, T. and Monkouop, Y. (2022) Past, Present and Future of Urban Agriculture in Cameroon: Major Contemporary Challenges (1993-2017). Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 11, 1-14. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2022.111001.

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