AS  Vol.12 No.11 , November 2021
Effect of Seeding Density on Mat-Type Seedling Quality for Mechanical Transplanting in Dry Season Rice
Abstract: Rice transplanting with a transplanter is a cost-effective process. Due to labor shortages during the peak time of rice transplanting, it is a promising technology in Bangladesh. However, the high-quality mat-type seedling is a prerequisite factor for mechanical transplanting. The experiments were conducted at three different locations (Gazipur, Tangail, and Rangpur) during the dry season (Boro)/2019-20 to determine the best seeding density for high-quality mat-type seedlings to be prepared for mechanical rice transplanters. The effects of seeding rate on seedling quality such as survival rate, seedling strength, stem thickness of newly released boro rice varieties BRRI dhan86, BRRI dhan89, and BRRI dhan92 were studied using four seeding rates (130, 140, 150, 160 g/tray). Results revealed that BRRI dhan92 showed quick seedling emergence compared to BRRI dhan89 and BRRI dhan86. Seedling mortality was found the lowest BRRI dhan92 while the highest in BRRI dhan86. 25 - 30 days old seedling was found suitable for mechanical transplanting in terms of seedling mortality. Seedling height increased with the increase in seed density. BRRI dhan92 showed the highest stem thickness followed by BRRI dhan89 and BRRI dhan86 with seed rate 150 - 160 g per tray. The suitable seeding rate (150 - 160 g/tray) for the studied varieties was found better for raising mat-type seedlings suitable for mechanical transplanting, which could coordinate the production of larger population growth and higher harvest index to achieve high grain yield.
Cite this paper: Shaikh, N. , Alam, M. , Kamruzzaman, M. , Al Mamun, M. and Islam, A. (2021) Effect of Seeding Density on Mat-Type Seedling Quality for Mechanical Transplanting in Dry Season Rice. Agricultural Sciences, 12, 1231-1243. doi: 10.4236/as.2021.1211078.

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