AS  Vol.12 No.10 , October 2021
Molecular Characterization Using Microsatellites of Bambara Nut (Vigna subterranea [L] Verdcourt) Landraces Cultivated in Burkina Faso
Abstract: Voandzou is a seed legume cultivated in Burkina Faso with significant nutritional potential. The objective of this study was to assess the genetic diversity of Bambara nut cultivated in Burkina Faso using microsatellite markers. For the study, fifteen SSRs markers were used for molecular characterization of 90 Bambara nut landraces from three agro-climatic zones of Burkina Faso. All markers were 100% polymorphic with an average value of 4.81 for effective alleles. The polymorphism information content (PIC) ranged from 0.654 to 0.867 with a mean of 0.775. Dendrogram classified the accessions in four mixed groups independently of the three agro-climatic zones. This distribution is consistent with the results on the agro-morphological characterization of the same landraces. This information was served as a basic model for breeding and conservation programs of V. subterranea in Burkina Faso.
Cite this paper: Kambou, D. , Nandkangre, H. , Ouoba, A. , Congo, A. , Konate, N. , Zida, W. , Sawadogo, N. , Sawadogo, M. and Ouedraogo, M. (2021) Molecular Characterization Using Microsatellites of Bambara Nut (Vigna subterranea [L] Verdcourt) Landraces Cultivated in Burkina Faso. Agricultural Sciences, 12, 1119-1128. doi: 10.4236/as.2021.1210072.

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