OALibJ  Vol.8 No.9 , September 2021
Study on the Cultivation of “Craftsman Spirit” for Vocational Automobile Students
Abstract: In view of the new situation, this paper discusses the teaching and management methods of higher vocational education from the perspective of caring education and establishing students’ educational concepts. According to the actual situation, improve the quality of teaching, to accept higher vocational education students to create a good learning environment and high-quality learning conditions, to promote their future development. We should strengthen the leading position of “craftsman spirit” in the reform of vocational education and create a new situation in the reform of vocational education teaching.

1. Introduction

Nowadays, people are pursuing a high quality of life, so their requirements are getting higher and higher. In this way, the demand for technical talents is also increasing, so the craftsman spirit of vocational students should be strengthened, so those vocational students can give full play to their role and bring welfare to the society. Therefore, vocational schools should increase the cultivation of “craftsman spirit” for vocational students. The educational concept of “life morality and the formation of people” should be consolidated, and the essence of cultivating craftsman spirit should be fully clarified. To play the role of the main channel of course teaching and lay a foundation for the inheritance of the craftsman spirit. We will promote education, promote the culture of craftsmanship, foster the spirit of craftsmanship, and create an atmosphere conducive to the spirit of craftsmanship. Established with high professional spirit feature of talent training mode and training education system, automotive technology changes with each passing day, in the face of the increasingly complex modern car, so I need of the higher vocational colleges cultivate a large number of students in the field of automotive repair and service, even now most vocational colleges are opened mechanics major, however, on the whole, it is difficult to meet the development needs of the automobile industry. Currently, there is a lack of highly skilled professionals in this field, which leads to the slow development of the automobile industry.

2. Connotation of the Craftsman Spirit

Craftsman spirit is a kind of professional spirit, it is the embodiment of professional ethics, professional ability, professional quality, and a professional value orientation and behavior of practitioners. The basic connotation of “craftsman spirit” includes four aspects: dedication, lean, focus and innovation [1].

Inheriting the craftsman spirit means that our country will once again improve social civilization. The craftsman spirit requires workers to have professional competence, quality and ethics, and to show corresponding professional values. With the deepening of the study of “craftsman spirit” and teachers in higher vocational colleges in China. Through long-term research and practical research, it is found that the inclusion of “craftsman spirit” into higher vocational education is in line with the requirements of The Times, and is the most effective means to improve students’ attitude towards occupation. The craftsman spirit involved in the current quality and level of students is fundamentally the embodiment of professional spirit, professional ethics, professional spirit, professional quality, professional value orientation and behavior performance in the company. The main connotation of “industrial spirit” includes dedication, exploration, concentration, innovation and so on. They are necessary spiritual reflection and quality requirements for vocational college students, but there are many outstanding obstacles in practice, which are the main factors affecting the combination of vocational education and craftsman spirit [2].

The contemporary “craftsman spirit” is mainly reflected in the originality and responsibility of the craftsman, the ability to make certain achievements in the field of work, the devotion to work, the service according to the professional requirements, and the attention to and analysis of the main melody of the development of the industry.

3. The Current Situation of Vocational College Students’ Professional Ethics

Higher vocational education should have its own characteristics, that is, must be closely related to the market, whether the theoretical circle, educational circle or higher vocational colleges themselves, in defining the basic tasks of higher vocational education has reached a certain consensus.

At present higher vocational school reform development achievement is obvious, but the development of professional ethics education is backward, and does not conform to the development of higher vocational school and the social demand, higher vocational students’ professional ethics flaw seriously hindered the process of training professional talents in our country, so to strengthen professional ethics education, higher vocational college students’ professional ethics education problems are still very serious, basically has the following two aspects: a junior college education means also mainly to teach, students’ enthusiasm for learning is not high, the educational effect is not ideal; second, the education process is mainly based on theoretical education, which lacks the connection with practice, resulting in students’ lack of deep understanding of their occupations [3].

This requires higher vocational colleges to always take “cultivating people by virtue” as the basic starting point of school management, emphasize the development of students’ professional ethics, cultivate high-quality technical personnel with noble morality, exquisite skills and high quality, and take sustainable development as the basis of training. Students’ originality and students’ “skills” education is reflected in setting educational goals, improving educational system and organizing educational content. Craftsman spirit education is also reflected in the selection of educational methods and the diversity of examination and assessment methods. Carry forward the “craftsman spirit” as the cultural awareness of the school, and demonstrate the cultivation of artistic and technical personnel in higher vocational colleges.

4. The Importance of Artisan Spirit

Higher vocational colleges must train a large number of excellent automobile repair personnel to alleviate the social demand for related talents. Higher vocational colleges must change their educational concepts and provide students with skills and knowledge according to the characteristics of talent demand in the new era [4]. As well as improving the technology, they should also focus on improving the overall quality of students, making this skill a lifelong skill for students. China is now in the development, so the need for a large number of technical talents, and can meet the market demand for talents.

Change the idea, let higher vocational education implement on the vocational education goal. The purpose of higher vocational education is to train technical personnel suitable for positions in production, construction, management and service enterprises, and to develop morality, intelligence and physical ability in an all-round way. Education administrative departments at all levels, vocational education administrators and all teachers should correct their thoughts, change their ideas, clarify the direction of school running and school management objectives, effectively implement vocational education objectives, recruit teachers in accordance with the actual situation, formulate talent training plans, and do not pursue “facial engineering”.

Adopt guided teaching method to improve students’ learning enthusiasm. The so-called guided teaching refers to the combination of inspiration and guidance, with “inspiration” as the essence and “guidance” as the assistance, to guide students to actively participate in teachers’ educational activities and make full use of limited resources. Learning time is under the guidance of the teacher, can let the students fully according to their own situation to make good use of time, so as to improve the teaching efficiency and improve the level of students. Due to the change of the source of higher vocational students, many students have poor foundation, lack of good training and education, lack of good learning habits and correct learning methods. It is difficult for traditional teaching models to motivate them to study independently. Through guided teaching, students can actively participate in the teaching process, change their learning methods and improve their enthusiasm for learning. Different industries share common values and standards, but they also have specific and unique connotations. In this sense, the “spirit of the craftsman” is a dynamic system rooted in professional soil, integrating professional ideas, spirits, styles and techniques. The dissemination of such thinking should be based on professional values, behavior standards of teachers and students, and role awareness, and education should be carried out through learning, perception, experience and reflection. Giving full play to the role of the main course channels lays a foundation for the inheritance of the craftsman spirit and becomes the main channel for the inheritance of the “craftsman spirit” in universities [5].

Expand the forms of education and improve the training effect of craftsmen. “Knowledge becomes accomplishment, accomplishment is upgraded to spirit, and spiritual accomplishment is fixed as a habit”, which is the process of “craftsman spirit” from consciousness level to quality level. In order to make the transition smooth, the best way is to conduct activities and practices. Only through practical experience can students realize the essence and value of pursuing and cultivating the gold body of craftsmen. In the knowledge, practices, experiences and perceptions that they regard as their professional beliefs and pursuits, students can appreciate the immense power of truth, kindness and beauty and gain a deeper understanding of the human value and social significance of technology. In order to develop and enhance the spirit of craft, we should combine the actual situation, strengthen the cooperation requirements between enterprises and universities, focus on professional characteristics, guide students to enter enterprises, visit enterprises, and experience the process of work. Watch company videos, study in depth, and discuss life plans with the company’s craftsmen.

5. Summary

In order to respond to the call of the state and send a large number of technical talents to the society, higher vocational colleges should do nothing. Vocational colleges should formulate reasonable and effective methods when cultivating students’ professional ethics. Let students contact the professional field, the theory of knowledge often cannot teach students completely, also need to the corresponding field, most of students in the higher vocational colleges have some bad habits, the teacher must promptly point out their fault, guide them on the right track, all the students in the higher vocational training into a real “builders”, meet the demand of the market.

In short, China is in a new era of transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. This era needs high-quality composite technical personnel as well as high-quality new talent. As a kind of professional spirit, artisan spirit is a valuable value and professional behavior that practitioners need to possess. As the main place to train technical personnel, higher vocational colleges should reform teaching strategies, integrate the craftsman spirit to formulate training goals of various disciplines, create practical teaching system, implement diversified teaching, improve the teaching staff, and create the atmosphere of the craftsman spirit in campus. To cultivate the spirit of craftsmen, so that students can adapt to the needs of enterprise and social development.

Project Information

ZheJiang JinHua Technology & Trade Polytechnic, General Scientific Research Project of Education Department of Zhejiang Province (Project No. Y202045263).

Cite this paper: Yue, Y.Y. and Gong, L.J. (2021) Study on the Cultivation of “Craftsman Spirit” for Vocational Automobile Students. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107856.

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