OJPM  Vol.11 No.8 , August 2021
Oseltamevir Helps Cure COVID 19, Corona Pandemic Carried by Global Abortion/Contraception, Global Blood/Necrotic Tissue Environmental Pollution; Guaranteed Corona Elimination by Implementing Many Childbirth per Family [Earth Bus Fare/Ticket]; Contraception Reversal; Abolition of Global Contraception [One Child Policy, Small Family Norms], Abortion [Jumping off Cliff to Fly-Marred Science] —Retrospective Analysis
Abstract: Over the past one year and three months, 150 out patients with COVID 19 have been treated with early initiation of Oseltamevir 75 mg × 2 [150 mg] twice daily, with azithromycin, cephalosporin [to give atypical bacterial cover, gram positive bacterial cover, respectively] enabling cure. Corona virus pandemic was enabled by global contraception/abortion [non evidence based non medical practice] with its blood/necrotic tissue environmental pollution-documented by rising environmental oestrogen/alpha feto protein/beta human chorionic gonadotropin. Global contraception abortion with its blood, necrotic tissue environmental pollution provides a rich environmental media for Corona virus-a fastidious organism to become pandemic, with recurrent mutations. Guaranteed elimination of this fastidious organism-corona virus [and other microbes like Ebola, Nipah…] by implementing many childbirths per mother [earth bus fare/ticket] as God ordained abolition of global contraception, abortion, one child policy/small family norms [jumping off cliff to fly-marred science] with its blood/necrotic tissue pollution, mandatory reversal of contraception. Steroids are deleterious in any viral infection, being immunosuppressants-secondary mucormycosis, other fungal [less virulent] infections can follow; corona virus itself can mutate, gain virulence, drug resistance; but prior contraception-destroying germ cells, prior abortion [destruction of tissue] in the victim host result in auto-immunity of corresponding gradations including fatal HLH [Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis], cytokine storm, requiring immunomodulation with plasmapheresis, steroids, hydroxychloroquine without much avail. Vaccine is live attenuated virus administered to our tissue, to elicit antibody response to the future viral invasion; inhaled virus elicits autoimmunity of varied gradations, [including fatal HLH] in the victim host, secondary to prior abortions/contraception [varied destruction of tissue, germ cells in the victim host]; similar significant autoimmunity can be invoked in vaccine administered to tissue. Earth Bus Fare/ticket, many child birth per family as God ordained [with no menstrual blood pollution of mothers] leads to ozone generation, with ensuing unfailing monsoon rains, self sustaining ecology, zooming global economy, which increased longevity of life of parents, strengthened Earth’s magnet, absolute strong security preventing unmanned air vehicle robbery, non nuclear robotic war [remote control operations]. Whereas global abortion/contraception [one child policy, small family norms] [jumping off cliff to fly-marred science] with its blood/necrotic tissue environmental pollution results in inevitable emergence, drug resistance, [mutations] virulence of microbes including corona virus, ebola, nipah … inevitable ecological disasters namely-ozone depletion, tsunamis, hail storms, flash floods, tornadoes, oil fire, forest fire, … to name a few; global recession; early demise of contracepted/aborted parents.

1. Introduction

Corona virus disease-2019, with its Delta mutant strains of 2021-global invasion, respiratory pathogen is responding to antivirals; steroids are deleterious in viral infections generally; steroids can enable virulence, drug resistance of microbes, can pave a way for fungal infetions; this publication is undertaken to highlight strategies for elimination of corona virus from the globe and human body.

2. Materials, Methods, Results

Over the past one year three months, 150 out patients, were corona virus positive [RNA specific to SARS-CoV-2 detected] in nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab, their high resolution computed tomography of lungs showed patchy opacification in both lungs suggesting interstitial pneumonitis/pneumonitis involving 25% to 75% of lungs.

They were prescribed oseltamevir as antiviral, along with azithromycin [to cover atypical bacteria], cefadroxil for [gram positive bacteria cover] Supportive oral theophylline, salbutamol inhalation were prescribed to be used if necessary, with oral paracetamol to alleviate the fever if present. Steroids were not prescribed.

The Age group ranged from 24 years to 85 years. They were from different geographical locations-distance ranging from 500 km to 2400 km; comprehending by urgent telephonic conversations, prescription was forwarded to them by telecommunications, they followed the treatment immediately, with interim appraisals, all were cured of corona virus disease.

Of them symptoms of fever, body ache, headache, mild cough, throat pain, minimal nasal discharge, were present in all patients. The comorbidities existed along with were type 2 diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, recent percutaneous trans coronary angioplasty status.

Two patients had blood stained sputum [hemoptysis] which had responded remarkably to after consuming oseltamevir 75 mg 2-0-2 within 12 - 24 hours.

One patient aged 67 years, had undergone intubation, had received parenteral Remdecivir along with steroids, for 5 days, discharged from hospital; thereafter he was started on oseltamevir, on outpatient basis, since his breathing difficulty had not improved satisfactorily with oxygen saturation maintaining at ~89% - 90%, [he had associated eosinophilia-contributing to breathing difficulty-treated with diethyl carbamazine, albendazole]; he completely recovered with oseltamevir 75 mg × 2 twice daily, consumed for 14 days, oxygen saturation recovered to 98%.

Another five patients with oxygen saturation of 81% - 91%, [desaturation] also made complete recovery with Oseltamevir, regaining oxygen saturation to 95% - 98%.

79 year old male needed nasal oxygen support, had received parenteral Remdecivir for five days, he continued Oseltamevir for 14 days and his health improved to normal.

85 year old lady with 81% oxygen saturation had received nasal oxygen in the hospital for three days; after discharge from hospital since saturation remained at 89% - 90%, she was recommended Oseltamevir for 14 days and saturation improved to >96%.

T. Azithromycin 500 mg 1-0-0 *7 days [cohabitant atypical bacterial cover];

T. Cefadroxil 500 mg 1-0-1 * 14 days [cohabitant gram positive bacterial cover];

C. Oseltamevir 75 mg 2-0-2 * 14 days;

T. Theophylline 100 mg 1-1-1 * 14 days [after food if required, for breathing difficulty];

Salbutamol rotacaps inhalation by rotahaler 1-0-1 * 14 days [if required for breathing difficulty];

T. Paracetamol 500 mg 1-1-1-1*2 days [if necessary for fever];

T. Antacid 1-1-1 * 10 days [if required].

Oseltamevir initiated early-all 150 outpatients were cured of Corona virus disease asseen in Table 1; in 24 - 48 hours fever, cough, hemoptysis, breathing difficulty, oxygen saturation improved; steroids being immunosuppressants are deleterious in viral infections, hence were not prescribed.

One middle aged and one young male sought help with high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, giddiness after vaccination; they received help immediately with antiviral [oseltamevir], along with azithromycin, cefadroxil, paracetamol and improved in 12 - 24 hours [vacccine is attenuated virus into tissue].

3. Discussion

Corona virus infected cells reveal SARS-CoV-2 is a single stranded RNA virus [1] and the size of the virus (70 - 90 nm). The size of SARS-CoV-2 genome ranges from 26 - 32 kb, belongs to genus Corona virus and family coronaviridae. SARS-CoV has recently emerged [mutated from corona virus of 2002, SARS of 2004] and has become pandemic.

Rapid progression of pneumonia is seen in chest X-ray images with some differences between the right and left lung.

Lung biopsy shows cellular fibromyxoid exudates with bilateral diffuse alveolar damage. Lung showed prominent desquamation of pneumocytes, formation of hyaline membrane, indicating signs of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), pulmonary oedema; in addition interstitial mononuclear patchy inflammatory infiltrates dominated specifically by lymphocytes; intra-alveolar spaces were characterised by multinucleate syncytial cells with atypical enlarged pneumocytes showing virus-induced cytopathic effect.

150 outpatients were initiated as early [2] as possible with Oseltamevir and cohabitant bacteria covering antibiotics; 14 days treatment was given because its viral pneumonitis/interstitial pneumonitis; all 150 patients were cured of COVID 19, as seen in Table 1.

T. Azithromycin 500 mg 1-0-0 *7 days only -after food [cohabitant atypical bacterial cover];

T. Cefadroxil 500 mg 1-0-1 * 14 days [cohabitant gram positive bacterial cover];

C. Oseltamevir 75 mg 2-0-2 * 14 days;

Table 1. 14-days treatment with Oseltamevir and cohabitant bacteria covering antibiotics.

T. Theophylline 100 mg 1-1-1 * 14 days [after food if required, for breathing difficulty];

Salbutamol rotacaps inhalation by rotahaler 1-0-1 * 14 days [if required for breathing difficulty];

T. Paracetamol 500 mg 1-1-1-1*2 days [if necessary for fever];

T. Antacid [aluminiumhydroxide + magnesium hydroxide] 1-1-1 * 10 days [if required].

Generally steroids are deleterious in viral infections, being immunosuppressants, can lead to mutation, drug resistance, virulence of pathogens; [steroids simulate a basket covering a fire, without quenching it] fungal infections like mucormycosis can follow; antimicrobials need to be initiated early, because viral replication progresses rapidly to pneumonia.

In victim hosts with COVID 19 who had undergone prior liberal/restricted or medical means abortions, [destruction of tissue] or were on contraception [destruction of germ cells] varied autoimmunity [3] in gradations recruits [corresponding with extent of prior cell/tissue damage] including fatal hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis/cytokine storm, requiring plasmapheresis, immunomodulators, e.g. hydroxychloroquine, steroids without much avail.

Vaccine is-live attenuated virus administered to our tissue, to elicit antibody response to the future viral invasion; inhaled virus elicits immunity, associated autoimmunity of varied gradations, [including fatal HLH] in the victim host, secondary to prior abortions/contraception-[varied destruction of tissue, germ cells in the victim host]; similar significant autoimmunity can be invoked by vaccine administered to victim hosts with prior abortions/contraception; live attenuated virus of 2019 strain is present in vaccine, now 2021 mutants, delta variants, delta plus variants have emerged, decreasing vaccines efficacy.

Corona virus is a fastidious organism i.e. it needs added nutrients to chocolate [animal digested blood] agar-wherein we culture organisms for sensitivity spectrum for therapeutic purposes for 48 - 72 hours and discarded thereafter. Corona virus which cannot be grown in the laboratory in routine chocolate agar, requiring added nutrients to support its growth in the laboratory media-has grown in the environment of globe, with rapid mutations.

What pollutants in the environmental media are favouring fastidious organism corona virus growth, virulence, mutations, to become COVID 19 pandemic-discussed below as follows:

In 1990 disappearance of fish was noticed with resultant predictions that by 2005, 90% of water living would have disappeared, by 2048-98% there’ll be no sea food.

Hence in 1996 an international study was undertaken by Dr Susan Jobling, Brunnel University, [4] United Kingdom to analyse waters of four major rivers in United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, to detect the pollutant responsible for disappearance of fish [postulate was-probable some industrial waste-let out in river waters] but the finding was oestrogen-pollutant.

In 1998 professor Paul Devroeyattempted to analyse the pollutant in the air to explain the rise in infertility; [postulate was some industrial emissions] but oestrogen [5] like particles are in the rise in the air was the finding.

Oestrogen being a hormone, is directly secreted into the blood, circulates in the blood, governs [surveillance] every cell metabolism, [cell growth-differentiation-controlled multiplication-degeneration-programmed cell death (apoptosis)-new cell formation in 48 - 72 hours] in every tissue, [anabolism] thus protects [6] every cell from carcinogenesis, [cell growth with no differentiation followed by uncontrolled multiplication-due to poor hormonal surveillance] [7] increases vasodilatation by enhancing nitric oxide production, [8] inhibits atherogenesis (degenerative pathology), decreases thrombogenecity and reduces incidence of myocardial infarction in premenopausal women, endogenous estrogen helps in decreasing progression of dementia, endogenous oestrogen governs secondary sexual dimorphism, hence obesity does not ensue. Once oestrogen is metabolised it disappears from blood.

Hence unless blood is spilt oestrogen cannot come to environment.

By accident 50 - 150 ml of blood is spilt to environment, immediately hemostasis operates [so the individual does not exsanguinate to death].

If a mother is blessed with e.g. 10 children, she’ll not menstruate for 200 months/~20 years; 1,989,375,754 reproductive age group mothers are made to menstruate 200 months more by one child policy, small family norms, planned parenthood/family welfare schemes, contraception-tubectomy, vasectomy, copper T, condoms, intrauterine devices, implants, diaphragms, abortions … non evidence based non medical practice with no therapeutic indication, no therapeutic protocols, no therapeutic policies.

By contraception [9] 1,989,375,754 mothers*200 months more menstruation*300 pgm/ml of menstrual blood*~350 ml blood loss per menstruation = environmental oestrogen = contraceptive menstrual blood pollution 863,000,000 reported surgical abortions till 2010, 50 million reported surgical abortions/year [WHO figure], 498 abortions/minute.

498 abortions/minute*60 minutes*24 hours*365 days*50 - 80 years*4500 pgm oestrogen/ml of aborted blood*350 - 800 ml blood loss per abortion [taken the minimum blood loss per abortion] = environmental oestrogen = aborted blood pollution.

Alpha feto protein, beta human chorionic gonadotropin [10] were also detected in oceans, rivers representing foetal blood, placental blood respectively.

Hence documented rising environmental oestrogen, detected environmental alpha feto protein, beta human chorionic gonadotropin evidences aborted blood/contraceptive menstrual blood pollution containing foetal blood, maternal blood, placental blood with its necrotic tissue.

Global aborted blood/contraceptive [one child policy, small family norms] menstrual blood/necrotic tissue polluted air inhalation/water ingestion.

Global environmental aborted blood/contraceptive [one child policy, small family norms] menstrual blood pollution with its obnoxious odour contains necrotic endometrial tissue/placental tissue/foetal tissue which forms a rich media for corona virus to multiply, mutate, to become pandemic.

So by globally implementing many child birth per family as God ordained [mandatory Earth Bus Fare/Ticket policy] [abolition of global contraception, abortion/mandatory contraception reversal] will eliminate corona virus simply by absence of contraceptive menstrual blood pollution/aborted blood pollution of the environment with its necrotic foetal/maternal/placental tissue-sole environmental media for emergence, mutations of corona virus.

In this God ordained universe, every person must pay-Earth Bus ticket/Fare-i.e. to safeguard/implement /observe-many childbirth per family, after holy matrimony as God ordained for the following science: [physics/physiology].

Many children per family, More carbon dioxide of their exhaled breath in nostrils-[added carbon dioxide of petrol/diesel fumes], more food for plants [photosynthesis], more oxygen/ozone generation [plants by themselves cannot generate oxygen without carbon dioxide of many people/children]; sunlight, water being available for photosynthesis.

Never carbon dioxide can deplete ozone, always carbon dioxide of exhaled breath in nostrils of many children, through photosynthesis will generate more oxygen/ozone [self sustaining ecology of God’s ordination]; e.g. visualise plants blooming in petrol/diesel supply stations.

Many children per family as God ordained, more carbon dioxide, more oxygen by photosynthesis, more ozone generation [self sustaining ecology], unfailing monsoon rains by earths rotation. God ordained physics exists to support life on earth.

People, their vehicles fuel usurp oxygen to produce carbon dioxide which is utilised in photosynthesis by plants to generate oxygen molecule by molecule-God ordained self sustaining ecology [more people-more carbon dioxide-more ozone automatically generated] by Author of Universe’s calculation].

Many children per family, more customers, more buyers, more utilisers, more passengers, more students, more people of nations [population] … result in invested returns-flourishing global economy crowned by technology [every family would have had helicopters, gliders aeroplanes with guarantee-unfailing God ordained self sustaining economy] as in the era before contraception, if only global contraception/abortion had not come into vogue, millions, millions of children had been permitted to be born, wonderful zooming economy we would have had.

God ordained physiology Many children per family, ~oestrogen has to be ~4500 in first trimester pregnancy to >-30,000 pgm/ml in third trimester, secreted by the placenta of the baby, which increases life time of parents [kidneys/brain/every organ enlarge during pregnancy, Hepatitis B virus has been expelled, [11] bones are strengthened by zoom cell metabolism for parents, myocardial infarction/cancer will be prevented by zoom cell metabolism of parents by the placental hormone of the babe, umbilical cord blood bone marrow transplant will heal 100% acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in the sibling].

e.g. ~10 years life time increases by one male child birth, 45 days [22 days lochia, 22 days detached placental surface healing] abstinence sufficient-smaller placenta-smaller raw surface to heal; for a girl child birth increases life time of parents by ~20 years (XX, more hormone) 90 days [45 days lochia, 45 days healing of detached placental surface as 1 mm/day healing as God ordained in physiology] abstinence required because larger placenta/larger raw surface to heal. So as in the era before contraception people were blessed with many children and they lived many years-constituting present day geriatrics Hence many children per family-parents longevity of life abounds by God ordained cell metabolism-physiology; absence of diseases is significantly obvious as seen in Figure 1, [obtained from Reference 20] in people without contraception because their cell metabolism of cell growth, differentiation, controlled multiplication, programmed cell death in 48 - 72 hours, followed by new cell formation governed by endogenous oestrogen androgen is robust/unhampered, Figure 2, supported by virgin coconut oil/virgin olive oil/virgin palmolein oil cooking [at cell level-e.g. new kidney, new heart, new brain, new bone, all tissue new in 48 - 72 hours-marvel physiology; this phenomenon of cell’s catabolism followed by anabolism under the governance of endogenous oestrogen/androgen prevents neoplasms].

Many children per family more security by their interferences of their presence to remote controlled e.g. unmanned air vehicle-UAV robbery, non nuclear robotic war not possible; many children per family, better security-tigers will flee to forests [by presence of many people].

Figure 1. Prevalence of absence of disease, non-contraception.

Figure 2. Cell cycle/cell metabolism-under endogenous oestrogen/androgen surveillance [21].

Many children per family more people walking on this earth with their iron within haemoglobin within red blood cells flowing within blood vessels will repel the earths magnet to strengthen earth’s magnet [12].

As we know annual human excreta of five live people, food wastes of natural ingredients, undergo degradation to produce bio methane, [non toxic to environment] enough to fuel a vehicle for 300 km, and can be used to produce electricity, this is a marvel of existing, God ordained self-sustaining ecology of creation, designed by the Author of Universe to support Life on earth, calculated even to take care of the natural bio waste; everything required by live people God’s ordination reacts it at different staratospheres.

So self sustaining ecology, strengthened earth’s magnet, stronger security, self sustaining economy, self sustaining life, God ordained increase in longevity of life of parents, by marvel physiology/physics follow many childbirth per family after holy matrimony as God ordained-mandatory Earth Bus Fare/ticket, in this God ordained Universe [physics] If there’s a seed it’ll sprout, similarly after holy matrimony mandatory many Childbirth, inevitably follows, children/seedlings global systems are tuned to nurture.

Whereas by global abortion, contraception [jumping off cliff to fly-marred science-non evidence based non medical practice] God ordained self sustaining ecology, self sustaining economy, security, on going Life, [supported, geared by many child birth per family] collapses.

Global abortion, contraception results in global inhalation/ingestion of aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood polluted air/water respectively, leading to lung cancer in 60% non smokers, increased prevalence of hyper-reactivity airway disease, rising endobronchial tuberculosis [9].

Global aborted blood, contraceptive menstrual blood, accompanying necrotic tissue pollution leads to emergence, virulence [mutations], drug resistance of innumerable microbes including Corona, [13] Ebola, Nipah virus, locusts, stinging insects, vector borne diseases; innumerable global abortions/contraception with their blood pollution virulent organisms like corona virus of 2019, 2021 mutants, delta plus variants are emerging, as pandemic. Mosquitoes food being blood freely available in the environment-vector borne diseases namely chikungunya, dengue, filaria, malaria are increasingly prevalent.

Aborted blood/contraceptive menstrual blood pollution attracts frequent visitation of blood feeding animals like tigers to foothills townships-carries off the one child playing; during summer gases expand, on hill tops oxygen density is always reduced than plains, [hence compensatory increase in haemoglobinis found in high altitudes-physiology] further ozone layer becomes thinner during summer by aborted blood pollution, contraceptive menstrual blood pollution.

Already prevalent global hypoxia by blood pollution-increases in summer in hilltops, mountains-so the big animals-for want of oxygen come to foothills during summer, and insufficient oxygen combined with inhalation of toxic gases of putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses, they die during summer [unexplained death of animals] in foothills, after chasing humans for the prevalent obnoxious odour of contraceptive menstruation/aborted blood.

Global aborted blood/contraceptive menstrual blood pollution [blood having high affinity for oxygen] depletes ozone [14] which cannot be replaced by plants by photosynthesis due to lack of live humans and their carbon dioxide [of breath, vehicles fuel], Gods calculation exists to support life on earth, not when Life is terminated/prevented preferring menstruation [obnoxious odour of menstrual aborted blood requiring closure of nostrils/mask] depleting ozone; ozone depletion-global warming has resulted in increase in incidence of solar keratoses, skin neoplasms.

Ozone depleted by aborted blood/contraceptive menstrual blood pollution results in inevitable global warming, global hypoxia; hypoxia of waters combined with toxic gases of innumerable aborted fetuses’ putrefaction results in inevitable disappearance of water-living; [prediction 98% there’ll be no sea food by 2048] global-warming-birds have disappeared, [due to radiation associated irreparable repair of nucleic acids]; glaciers of ice melting, most of the islands will disappear by 2050-predicted [15].

Ozone depletion of global abortions, contraception with resultant global warming has led to inevitable parched lands, failure of monsoons, famines.

Red Russian river-ways, is another evidence for global warming due to global aborted blood pollution, melting Perma-Frost of Norilsk of the Arctic Sea, crashing the Diesel tanks of Nickel factory with oil spill reflecting red on aborted blood polluted river, turned bright red.

Similarly when sun rays crossing through aborted blood, contraceptive, one child policy/small family norms menstrual blood polluted air of atmosphere, to fall on the moon during eclipse inevitable blood moon results.

Innumerable human lives with their iron of blood flowing within blood vessels, repelling magnet of earth, is mandatory to strengthen earth’s magnet, whereas contraceptive [one child/small family norms] menstrual blood, aborted blood pollution [blood spilt on earth] contained iron within red blood cells of the spilt blood into environment will attract the magnet producing weakened earths magnet.

Arctic ozone hole closed in May, environmental pollution cleared, by absence of global abortions, contraception, and their ozone depleting blood pollution, due to lock down of corona virus pandemic.

Putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses results in toxic, explosive, inflammable gases [16] e.g. hydrogen sulphide, ammonia; hydrogen sulphide formed from putrefaction of dead bodies of young contraception/abortion practisingparents [victim hosts by contraception, abortion] in huge number, innumerable aborted foetuses, is explosive, inflammable, toxic, does not ward off radiation, but conducts it leading to global warming.

With enormous putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses, millions of dead young contracepted parents, huge amounts of toxic gases are formed which will burst or split or rupture the earth, will also churn waves to rise as giant tidal waves, especially near the coastal areas with sea entering in, accelerating tsunami.

Toxic inflammable gases can result in spontaneous combustion of the skies, or combustion initiated by lightning with resultant sudden unexplained forest fires, fire balls dropping in oceans, oil tanker vessels catching unexplained fires, oil fire, land fire, oil tanker vessel fire. During summer rains [gases expand with heat] thunder bolt deaths have increased due to lightning crossing this toxic, inflammable, explosive gases produced by putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses present in the atmosphere/environment Putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses-results in explosive, toxic, inflammable gases permeating to the soil, water of oceans, rivers, air of atmosphere witnessing inevitable e.g.

Toxic gases-miners, well diggers, septic tank cleaners die of these toxic fumes; blood pollution depleting oxygen of waters, coupled with toxic gases of putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses-permeating waters-lakhs of water living washed ashore dead; toxic gases permeating the air along with global warming/global hypoxia of blood pollution-birds are disappearing; slender grapes vine fruit bearing is decreasing.

Explosive gases along coastal areas-earth bursts resulting in inevitable Tsunami; in non coastal areas earth bursts/splits leading to land slides, movement of mountains, mountain slide; mountain tops are seen splitting emanating toxic fumes, more earthquakes, possible volcanic eruptions, solar tsunami [with coronal mass ejections-CME-directed towards earth] by geomagnetic alterations [17].

Inflammable gases leading to spontaneous combustion of skies-land fire, forest fire, oil fire, oil tanker vessel fire during lightning; frequent, rising thunderbolts deaths during summer rains [during summer gases expand, more friction in clouds,] these gases-exploding during lightning results in-increasing number of deaths by thunderbolts -being inevitable.

The water sources including desalination have become toxic, by contraception, abortion blood pollution associated enormous putrefaction, except the well/borewell springs from within a rock not contaminated by aborted blood pollution or contraceptive menstrual blood pollution.

Global contraceptive menstrual blood pollution, aborted blood pollution results in progressive, cumulative depletion of oxygen of the air, water, leading to global hypoxia, ozone depletion, admixed with toxic gases emanation in the environment, by putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses, leading to global warming, hot air currents furthering on to inevitable rising incidence of devastating Hail storms, [18] Tornadoes, flash floods, cyclones, storms, tsunamis-Figure 3.

Universe designed by the Author of Life to support Life luxuriously, lacks the calculation to deal with globally accepted, promoted, implemented contraception, abortion-marred science [terminating, preventing lives-desiring/preferring menstrual blood-[20 years more menstruation per mother]-pollution/aborted blood pollution to darling babes-[non evidence based non medical practice] to enhance our self demise by inevitable ecological disasters, alarmingly rising morbidity, mortality, emergence of lethal viruses like corona, nipah, ebola, recession.

Early days culling of animals, birds with its blood permeating the environment probably enabled emergence of streptococcus, staphylococcus, mycobacterium

Figure 3. Increasing incidence of hailstorms, flash floods, tsunamis, tornadoes with global contraception/abortion [18].

tuberculosis, small damages to ecology; now its massive aborted blood or contraceptive menstrual blood pollution favouring emergence, mutations of lethal corona virus, ecological disasters, including recurrent cyclones storms; many children per family, mandatory Earth Bus Fare [eliminating contraceptive menstrual blood/aborted blood-pollution] only can eliminate corona virus, ecological disasters from globe with guarantee.

Global God ordained environment with its self sustaining ecology is supported by growing lives innumerable-on earth of precious human beings, cattle animals, birds; with blood pollution by terminating preventing lives [humans, cattle, birds] God ordained self sustaining ecology, life, economy crumbles.

Population aging is transforming the world in dramatic and fundamental ways, age distribution of populations have changed and will continue to change radically, due to long term declines in fertility rates; its predicted in another 30 years, [from 2012] younger age group of <5 years will [19] become 5% [alas unchecked, disappearing human race]; today 5 years age group is tomorrows world, people without contraception -live their full life [e.g. ~80 years] with God ordained physiology but contracepted parents embrace 5 fold increased mortality, [20] preceded by 275% increase in degenerative, neoplastic, autoimmune, [21] infectious diseases; so in another two decades from 2021 <5 years old will become <5% means human race is eradicated 95% by drastically declining fertility rates, -which means customers, buyers, passengers, students, utilisers are reduced by 95%, leading to reduced invested money returns-hard hit global recession [e.g. buses with few passengers, lock down by lethal corona virus, big bazars with less customers, cars apartments remaining unused/vacant].

Contraception, abortion [non evidence based non medical practice], secondary to smashed fragmentation of germ cells/tissue, endogenous oestrogen [5 - 8 pgm/ml] androgen [1.13 ngm/ml] is agonisingly reduced-Figure 4 leading to deranged cell metabolism,-Figure 5, leading to 275% increase in degenerative neoplastic, autoimmune, infectious diseases in people practicing contraception Figure 6, 500% increase in diseases after hysterectomy since endogenous oestrogen drops to 0.4 pgm/ml; hence hysterectomy should be reserved for cancer uterus, post partumhaemorrhage; myoma to be offered with myomectomy, fallopian tubal racanalisation [if present] with virgin coconut/olive/palmolein oil cooking to prevent recurrence; similarly uterine descent to be offered pelvic floor repair, with fallopian tubal recanalisation [if present], virgin olive/coconut/palmolein oil cooking to prevent recurrence, Figure 6 and Figure 7.

Cumulative distribution of increased diseases secondary to contraception among three age groups-namely-20 - 35 years, 36 - 50 years, >50 years is seen in Figures 8-10 resoectively.

Increased diseases affect both parents practising contraception [destroying both parents gem cells ~20 million/day] as seen in Figure 7.

Agonising significant increase in mortality of 5 - 6 fold occurs in parents practising contraception, abortion, as seen in Figure 11 preceded by 275% increase

Figure 4. Reduced endogenous oestrogen levels with contraception [21].

Figure 5. Defaulted genomic repertoire-secondary to contraception, abortion with reduced endogenous oestrogen, androgen surveillance [21].

in degenerative, [22] autoimmune, [23] neoplastic, infectious diseases, [24] secondary to germ cells/tissue destruction [wanton, unaware].

Victim hosts with prior abortion/contraception [destruction of tissue/germ cells] will have gradations of auto immunity proportional to prior tissue destruction including heightened cytokine storm-hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, fatal to combat the same plasmapheresis, hydroxychloroquine immunomodulator, steroids-immunosuppressants tried with no avail; similar autoimmune responses can be elicited by vaccines in hosts with prior surgical

Figure 6. Rising diseases with contraception, hysterectomy [21].

Figure 7. Diseases in both parents practising contraception/abortion [20] [21].

abortions/contraception; otherwise steroids are deleterious in any viral infections, enabling mutation, virulence, associated fungal infections like mucormycosis.

Amazing decline in diseases, mortality by 79.9% happen Figure 12 as cause and effect phenomenon-by contraception reversal-halting germ cells destruction,

Figure 8. Rising diseases in Age group 20 - 35 years with contraception [21].

Figure 9. Rising diseases in age group 36 - 50 years with contraception.

[germ cells replant effect] with associated rejuvenation of endogenous oestrogen/androgen, restoring cell metabolism, genomic repertoire-Medical Miracle-Flow Chart 1.

By disappearing human race as to 95% as discussed earlier by drastically declining fertility rates; [<5 years age group will become <5% in two decades] [if we make everyone to stand, we occupy space of Texas state only,] so interference produced by people, their signals, telecommunications/phones. -grossly reduced can lead to remote controlled non nuclear [25] robotic war, similarly unmanned air vehicles [remote controlled] robbery will increase, due to absence of

Figure 10. Rising diseases in age group-above 50 years-with contraception.

Figure 11. Cumulative distribution of mortality across age and contraception [20].

Figure 12. Decline in diseases with contraception reversal [21].

Chart 1. Contraception reversal-decreases diseases [21].

interference of people; similarly blood feeding animals visit foot hill townships more frequently due to reduced people, [with more people which tigers could sense they’ll flee to forests] but attracting contraceptive menstrual/aborted, blood pollution.

4. Conclusions

Global aborted/contraceptive menstrual blood with necrotic tissue environmental pollution documented by rising environmental oestrogen, detected environmental alpha foeto protein, beta human chorionic gonadotropin, forms a rich environmental media for a fastidious organism-corona virus to mutate, emerge become pandemic.

Hence many childbirths per family, Earth Bus Fare, with associated absent blood, necrotic tissue environmental pollution will simply eradicate corona virus with ease.

Oseltamevir-initiated early continued for 14 days, along with azithromycin, [to cover atypical organism] cephalosporin [to cover gram positive organism] cures pneumonitis/interstitial pneumonitis producing corona virus disease.

Victim hosts, with prior surgical abortions/contraception will manifest gradations of autoimmunity including fatal hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis [secondary to tissue, germ cells destruction, proportionate to extent/gradations of prior tissue destruction] on invasion of corona virus infection and virus by vaccination, requiring immunomodulators, like hydroxy chloroquine, plasmapheresis, immunosuppressants, steroids, not much avail; otherwise steroids are deleterious in any viral infection with resultant mutations, virulence, associated fungal infections like mucor mycosis.

Many childbirths per family [physiology] as God ordained, Earth Bus Fare/ticket, are associated with self sustaining ecology, [physics] self sustaining economy, [booming human resources to see invested returns easily] longevity of life for parents [self sustaining life], strengthened security [billions and trillions of people], protection/prevention from blood feeding animals, non nuclear robotic war, unmanned air vehicle robbery, strengthening of Earths magnet, human excreta also non toxic-biomethane, everything required by Living on earth [e.g. petrol/fuels will generate ozone, by carbon dioxide] by Gods reacting at different stratospheres, in this God ordained Universe meant to support Life/babes luxuriously.

Global contraception, Abortion, one child policy, small family norms, nuclear family, marred science, jumping off cliff to fly [non evidence based non medical practice] [termination, prevention of lives] with its menstrual blood, [200 months increased menstruation per mother desired than darling babes] aborted blood pollution-results in inevitable ozone depletion, global hypoxia, global warming, ecological disasters, [e.g. increasing Tornadoes, flash floods, cyclones, hail storms, land slides, volcano eruptions, earth quakes tsunamis, solar tsunami, by toxic explosive, inflammable gases of putrefaction of innumerable aborted foetuses, …] blood moon, weakened earths magnet, non nuclear robotic war, drones mediated robbery, crumbling economy, [95% disappearing human resources] 275% increased degenerative, neoplastic, autoimmune, infectious diseases in parents practising contraception, abortion followed by 5-fold increased mortality which is inevitable Mandatory contraception reversal, elimination of global abortions/contraception, with implementation of many child birth per family will restore ecology, economy, Life, eliminate corona virus with guarantee.

In this God ordained universe [physics] designed to support Life luxuriously, many childbirth per family [physiology], Earth Bus fare to pay-Royal diadem for mothers will eliminate corona virus with ease; contraception abortion-jumping off cliff to fly-marred science.

Cite this paper: Veerakesari, E. , Manohar, C. and Akash, D. (2021) Oseltamevir Helps Cure COVID 19, Corona Pandemic Carried by Global Abortion/Contraception, Global Blood/Necrotic Tissue Environmental Pollution; Guaranteed Corona Elimination by Implementing Many Childbirth per Family [Earth Bus Fare/Ticket]; Contraception Reversal; Abolition of Global Contraception [One Child Policy, Small Family Norms], Abortion [Jumping off Cliff to Fly-Marred Science]
—Retrospective Analysis. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 11, 347-367. doi: 10.4236/ojpm.2021.118028.

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