ENG  Vol.13 No.8 , August 2021
Design Optimization Analysis of Venturi Tube for Medium Conveying in Strengthen Grinding Process
Abstract: Venturi tubes are widely used in manufacture and chemical industry and attract broad attention. To improve the transmission efficiency, the optimization of Venturi tube has been carried out, the transport substances involved in either liquid, solid, gas or two of them. The Venturi tubes that used for conveying of three-phase flow, which is consisted of solid, liquid and gas, are poorly investigated. In this paper, a Venturi tube employed in one surface treatment equipment was proposed. The velocity and pressure distribution in the flow field of Venturi tube with different key geometric parameters including diameter ratio, convergence angle and diffuser angle have been studied. One optimal solution has been selected. The negative pressure of suction port can reach a value as high as -1550 Pa to -1600 Pa. Such negative pressure offers the opportunities for transporting mixed abrasive.
Cite this paper: Xiao, J. , Liang, Z. , Liu, X. , Zhao, Z. and Xie, X. (2021) Design Optimization Analysis of Venturi Tube for Medium Conveying in Strengthen Grinding Process. Engineering, 13, 431-447. doi: 10.4236/eng.2021.138031.

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