ENG  Vol.13 No.7 , July 2021
A Nondestructive Instrumented Wheelset System for Contact Forces Measurements
Abstract: A nondestructive continuous instrumented wheelset design is proposed based on strain gauges placing inside of the wheel web and wireless telemetry system. The signal feature analysis including frequency contents and high order harmonic ripples is also carried out. The strain gradient decoupling method for vertical and lateral force identification is proposed based on the strain distributions under respective loads. The method implements minimum crosstalk effects and insensitive to the varying contact points. The KMT telemetry system is adopted for wireless inductive powering and signal transferring. The drilling holes on the wheel and axles are avoidable to ensure the integrity and long-term using of the wheelset. Bridging and demodulating schemes for lateral and vertical force are designed respectively as they have dramatic differences at the dynamic signal features. High order harmonic ripple analysis and error estimation are gotten by independent waveforms. Based on the data form calibration test rig, it is indicated that the high order ripple amplitudes are below 10% of the demodulation amplitudes and fulfill designed requirements.
Cite this paper: Wang, J. , Li, D. , Qu, S. and Zhang, D. (2021) A Nondestructive Instrumented Wheelset System for Contact Forces Measurements. Engineering, 13, 361-371. doi: 10.4236/eng.2021.137026.

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