ENG  Vol.13 No.6 , June 2021
Analysis of the Composition and Physical and Mechanical Properties of Raw Materials for Thermal Insulation Fabrics
Abstract: In this article, winter clothes, bedding, pillows, mattresses are produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan and used in the export products of foreign countries in domestic market shopping centers; existing nonwoven fabric samples were used as toys, children’s clothing as a heat retainer, a space-filler was selected on the basis of marketing survey analysis. Chemical bonding, processing technology, methods, linear density, thickness, air permeability, hygroscopicity, heat storage and heat transfer properties of the samples were analyzed experimentally based on the preparation methods, the fiber content was compared with the standard technology. The advantages and disadvantages of the samples were studied and recommendations for use in sewing according to consumer requirements were given.
Cite this paper: Kayumov, J. , Nazarova, M. , Obilov, B. , Dadaboyev, F. and Mamadaliyeva, Z. (2021) Analysis of the Composition and Physical and Mechanical Properties of Raw Materials for Thermal Insulation Fabrics. Engineering, 13, 352-359. doi: 10.4236/eng.2021.136025.

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