ENG  Vol.13 No.6 , June 2021
One Wire Is always Better
Abstract: The efficiency of transmitting electrical energy from tree phase source is very complicated and expensive. In the same time, it is known that active electrical energy is transmitted from a source to a load and does not come back to the source. If this is so, then why in all electrical devices and systems for transmission of electricity, one uses more than one wire? “It is shown that any electrical system can be made using a one-wire method”. The main results were received by several inventions that allow to change three wires line to one wire. The important contribution of the work is refinement calculation of the total power of a three-phase signal. It is showed that in proposed one wire system, the wire transmits a power more than in each wire in three-phase system. The cost of the electrical energy transmitting system can be reduced, also can be improved and the use of the renewable electrical energy can be sped up.
Keywords: One Wire
Cite this paper: Bank, M. and Tsingauz, V. (2021) One Wire Is always Better. Engineering, 13, 300-305. doi: 10.4236/eng.2021.136022.

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