EPE  Vol.13 No.5 , May 2021
Importance of Developing Photovoltaics-Powered Vehicles
Abstract: The development of photovoltaics (PV)-powered vehicles are expected to contribute to reduce CO2 emission of vehicles and create a clean energy society. This paper presents the impact of high-efficiency solar cell modules on reduction in CO2 emission, charging cost reduction for electric vehicles, and reducing storage capacity of PV-powered electric vehicles. In this paper, the effects of solar cell module efficiency upon driving distance of PV-powered vehicles are also shown. Especially, the potential of Si tandem solar cells for PV-powered vehicle applications is discussed. This paper presents that the III-V/Si 3-junction solar cell modules with an efficiency of more than 37% have the potential of longer driving distance of 30 km/day average and more than 50 km/day on a clear day compared to an average 16 km/day driving by vehicles powered by 20% efficiency Si solar cell modules.
Cite this paper: Yamaguchi, M. , Masuda, T. , Nakado, T. , Zushi, Y. , Araki, K. , Takamoto, T. , Okumura, K. , Satou, A. , Yamada, K. , Ota, Y. , Nishioka, K. , Tanimoto, T. , Nakamura, K. , Ozaki, R. , Kojima, N. and Ohshita, Y. (2021) Importance of Developing Photovoltaics-Powered Vehicles. Energy and Power Engineering, 13, 147-162. doi: 10.4236/epe.2021.135010.

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