OJBIPHY  Vol.11 No.2 , April 2021
Survival at Tumor Recurrence in Soft Matter
Abstract: Survival at tumor recurrence in soft matter, after chemotherapy, is assessed by RNA folding. It is shown that this recurrence is starting with development of a fluidlike globule; it changes the energy of soft matter; it proceeds as a resonant mixing; and at the end it causes diffusion. This diffusion is interpreted as metastasis in soft matter. A tumor memory is designed for its recurrence oscillations. These oscillations are marked as positive or negative according to their influence on life stabilization or destabilization. It is demonstrated that a tumor memorizes two types of recurrences. The intensity of chemotherapy in soft matter for a tumor with such memory is obtained. Survival at tumor recurrence in soft matter, after chemotherapy, is assigned to one of the five regions of the phase diagram of the “thermalized” tumor by microenvironment. To each of these regions is collated a breast cancer survival class. It is found that the survival at tumor recurrence in soft matter, after chemotherapy, well represents actual survival of 32 patients with breast cancer.
Cite this paper: Trifonova, I. , Kurteva, G. and Stefanov, S. (2021) Survival at Tumor Recurrence in Soft Matter. Open Journal of Biophysics, 11, 147-158. doi: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2021.112004.

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