CN  Vol.13 No.1 , February 2021
Analysis and Evaluation of MPLS Network Performance
Abstract: Currently, the increasing network connectivity is becoming more and more complex and the integration of several services continues to appear. These approaches need a guarantee in terms of throughput, the performance of which they potentially impact. So, the basic aim of this research is to get the best MPLS network performance towards linux and FreeBSD operating systems. This is why in this report, we have worked on MPLS network performance, which will help to identify performance metrics. To evaluate the performance, we used those operating systems implementing the MPLS architecture in order to define the best performing between the two on this domain. For this, we used scapy to measure the response times by varying the size of the packets sent and validate the measurements with the MATLAB Simulink. After all experiments, we realized that FreeBSD operating system is more reliable than linux in MPLS network base.
Cite this paper: Rafamantanantsoa, F. , Aubert, R. and Haja, R. (2021) Analysis and Evaluation of MPLS Network Performance. Communications and Network, 13, 25-35. doi: 10.4236/cn.2021.131003.

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