JWARP  Vol.13 No.1 , January 2021
Study on the Possibility of Mixed Water as a Drinking Water
—From the Viewpoint of the Formation of Hydrogen-Rich Water
Abstract: In exploring an autonomous independent water supply system, authors have realized the importance of the sustainable water supply utilizing regional features in isolated islands. This paper is further study from the previous one. This time we have narrowed down the mixing rate of mixed water. In this study, the mixed water less than 0.74% (blood concentration) has been prepared first, and then divided it into five kinds of the mixing rate of mixed water. And we have compared and examined the characteristics of the mixed water from the viewpoint of the relationship between salinity and pH, ORP and that of Dissolved Hydrogen, and examined the possibility of mixed water as a drinking water. As a result, we have obtained the new findings that suggest the possibility.
Cite this paper: Hiratsuka, A. and Yasuda, Y. (2021) Study on the Possibility of Mixed Water as a Drinking Water
—From the Viewpoint of the Formation of Hydrogen-Rich Water. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 13, 44-73. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2021.131004.

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