EPE  Vol.13 No.1 , January 2021
Real-Time Operation of Microgrids
Abstract: Microgrid (MG) systems effectively integrate a generation mix of solar, wind, and other renewable energy resources. The intermittent nature of renewable resources and the unpredictable weather conditions contribute largely to the unreliability of microgrid real-time operation. This paper investigates the behavior of microgrid for different intermittent scenarios of photovoltaic generation in real-time. Reactive power coordination control and load shedding mechanisms are used for reliable operation and are implemented using OPAL-RT simulator integrated with Matlab. In an islanded MG, load shedding can be an effective mechanism to maintain generation-load balance. The microgrid of the German Jordanian University (GJU) is used for illustration. The results show that reactive power coordination control not only stabilizes the MG operation in real-time but also reduces power losses on transmission lines. The results also show that the power losses at some substations are reduced by a range of 6% - 9.8%.
Cite this paper: Al-Agtash, S. , Alkhraibat, A. , Hashem, M. and Al-Mutlaq, N. (2021) Real-Time Operation of Microgrids. Energy and Power Engineering, 13, 51-66. doi: 10.4236/epe.2021.131004.

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