JAMP  Vol.9 No.1 , January 2021
The Strain/Stress Fields of a Subsurface Rectangular Dislocation Loop Parallel to the Surface of a Half Medium: Analytical Solution with Verification
Abstract: The strain and stress fields of a rectangular dislocation loop in an isotropic solid that is a semi-infinite medium (half medium) are developed here for a Volterra-type dislocation. Specifically, the loop is parallel to the free surface of the solid. The elastic fields of the dislocation loop are developed by integrating the displacement equation of infinitesimals dislocation loops over a finite rectangular loop area below the free surface. The strains and stress then follow from the small strain tensor and Hooke’s law for isotropic materials, respectively. In this paper, analytical verification and numerical verification for the elastic fields are both demonstrated. Equilibrium equations and strain compatibility equations are applied in the verification. Also, a comparison with a newly-developed numerical method for dislocations near a free surface is performed as well. The developed solution is a function of the loop depth beneath the surface and can be used as a fundamental solution to solve elasticity, plasticity or dislocation problems.
Cite this paper: Li, L. , Khraishi, T. and Siddique, A. (2021) The Strain/Stress Fields of a Subsurface Rectangular Dislocation Loop Parallel to the Surface of a Half Medium: Analytical Solution with Verification. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 9, 146-175. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2021.91011.

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