MSA  Vol.12 No.1 , January 2021
Laser Polishing of Laser Powder Bed Fusion AlSi10Mg Parts—Influence of Initial Surface Roughness on Achievable Surface Quality
Abstract: Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) is an Additive Manufacturing technique, which allows production of highly complex solid metal parts with good mechanical properties, compared to conventionally manufactured parts. Nevertheless, the layer-by-layer fabrication process also offers several disadvantages, including a relatively high surface roughness depending on the shape of the component, its position and orientation during the fabrication process. This paper deals with investigations on the surface roughness reduction capability, and residual surface structures by laser polishing of LPBF AlSi10Mg parts under varying initial surface roughness in order to investigate the influence of the surface behavior and initial surface roughness to the achievable surface quality by laser polishing. Hereto test specimens with varying fabrication orientations regarding to the built platform are printed and further polished. Thereby the initial arithmetic roughness varies between 19.2 μm and 8.0 μm. It could be shown that the achievable surface roughness by laser polishing with continuous and pulsed laser radiation is increasing with rising initial roughness, but the relative roughness reduction is almost constant in the range of 95% - 97.5%. The analyzation of the residual roughness structures shows, that the main roughness differences is found in the middle and long structure wavelength regime, which are directly depending on the initial surface structures of 3D printing.
Cite this paper: Hofele, M. , Roth, A. , Schanz, J. , Harrison, D. , De Silva, A. and Riegel, H. (2021) Laser Polishing of Laser Powder Bed Fusion AlSi10Mg Parts—Influence of Initial Surface Roughness on Achievable Surface Quality. Materials Sciences and Applications, 12, 15-41. doi: 10.4236/msa.2021.121002.

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