JACEN  Vol.10 No.1 , February 2021
Water Dynamics under Drip Irrigation to Proper Manage Water Use in Arid Zone
Abstract: The water resources reduction due to climate changes and also population increase, have contributed to increasing the constraint on water disponibility and accessibility. In the agricultural field, we need moderate soil and water resources management. This work aims to simulate water dynamics in soil under drip irrigation system in arid regions to better manage irrigation water. Simulations are done with soil physical properties of Burkina Faso. We assess maize plant water requirements for the whole growing season. With Hydrus 2D, we simulate water supply in the soil column. We assign atmospheric conditions on the top of the domain, zero flux of water on the lateral sides, and free drainage on the bottom boundary domain. We perform many irrigation events to analyze wetting pattern distribution around the emitter, which allowed us to contain the amount of irrigation water applied, only around the area dominated by roots, and then reduce water losses that roots cannot uptake. According to the different growing stages of the maize crop, we choose proper irrigation duration and frequency, and suggest irrigation schedule for the whole growing season.
Cite this paper: Ouédraogo, S. , Bawindsom Kébré, M. and Zougmoré, F. (2021) Water Dynamics under Drip Irrigation to Proper Manage Water Use in Arid Zone. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 10, 57-68. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2021.101004.

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