JMP  Vol.11 No.12 , December 2020
Space-Time Curvature Mode Quanta
Abstract: Einstein theorized that Gravity is not a force derived from a potential that acts across a distance. It is a distortion of space and time in which we live by masses and energy. Consistent with Einstein’s theory, a model of space-time curvature modes and associated curvature quanta in slightly warped space-time generated by a light Photon is derived. Both a Schr?dinger and a Second Quantized representation of the space-time curvature mode quanta are calculated and are fourth rank tensors. The eigenvalues of these equations are radii of curvature, not energy. The Eigenfunctions are linear functions of the components of the tensor that describes the curvature of space-time.
Cite this paper: Kornreich, P. (2020) Space-Time Curvature Mode Quanta. Journal of Modern Physics, 11, 1977-1992. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2020.1112125.

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