JWARP  Vol.12 No.12 , December 2020
Stratigraphic Data and Groundwater Resources in the Coastal Sedimentary Basin of the Pointe-Noire Region (Republic of Congo)
Abstract: The synthesis of geological and petroleum research undertaken in the coastal Sedimentary Basin of the Pointe-Noire region enabled the establishment of a lithostratigraphic scale. It has been observed that the order in which the series observed in outcrop and those encountered by deep wells succeed each other has allowed a value to be given to this relative scale. The study area corresponds to a longitudinal tectonic accident, fault or flexure. It belongs to the Cretaceous and Tertiary coastal sedimentary basin covered by the Plio-Pleistocene age formations (series of circuses), formed of highly permeable sands comprising multiple resistant horizons that store large bodies of water whose reserves are considered very important. Hydrographic network is composed of four main basins with a mediocre size. The quality of this groundwater is considered to be satisfactory for household consumption, but the sustainable management of these reserves requires constant checks on their quality as well as on the level of the reserves. All these resources put the agglomeration of Pointe-Noire close to large exploitable water reserves that meet the need for drinking water, even if, on the whole, the agglomeration is still experiencing many difficulties in terms of its drinking water supply.
Cite this paper: N’Kaya, G. , Ebale, L. , Tathy, C. , Nzila, J. , Mouthou, J. and Mabiala, B. (2020) Stratigraphic Data and Groundwater Resources in the Coastal Sedimentary Basin of the Pointe-Noire Region (Republic of Congo). Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 12, 1019-1033. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2020.1212061.

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