CUS  Vol.8 No.4 , December 2020
A Case Study of Complete Streets Application in a Small Town
Abstract: As research and evidence regarding the benefits of complete streets are growing, more and more communities are undertaking complete streets initiatives to increase transportation equity for their residents. This is especially vital for small towns, which often have the least opportunity for alternate transportation modes. The present article details a complete streets implementation procedure specific to the Town of Millsboro, Delaware, U.S.A. In this article, the current Millsboro Comprehensive plan is reviewed, followed by steps for planning, communication, and creation regarding various complete streets methods. The information presented in this document, along with the resources referenced, should be used as a guide for turning existing roadways in Millsboro into complete streets. The various suggestions and recommendations offer ideas to increase the opportunity for active transportation modes such as walking and biking, and if implemented, can create significant improvements in safety, health, and the economy of Millsboro, thereby enabling it to grow as a town.
Cite this paper: Calloway, D. and Faghri, A. (2020) A Case Study of Complete Streets Application in a Small Town. Current Urban Studies, 8, 545-562. doi: 10.4236/cus.2020.84030.

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