JAMP  Vol.8 No.12 , December 2020
On the Caginalp for a Conserve Phase-Field with a Polynomial Potentiel of Order 2p - 1
Abstract: Our aim in this paper is to study on the Caginalp for a conserved phase-field with a polynomial potentiel of order 2p - 1. In this part, one treats the conservative version of the problem of generalized phase field. We consider a regular potential, more precisely a polynomial term of the order 2p - 1 with edge conditions of Dirichlet type. Existence and uniqueness are analyzed. More precisely, we precisely, we prove the existence and uniqueness of solutions.
Cite this paper: Batangouna, N. , Moussata, C. and Mavoungou, U. (2020) On the Caginalp for a Conserve Phase-Field with a Polynomial Potentiel of Order 2p - 1. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 8, 2744-2756. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2020.812203.

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