JTST  Vol.6 No.4 , November 2020
Multifunctional Product Design Concept in Mixed-Media Textile Lampshades
Abstract: Ghanaian society and the world at large have shown a strong interest in the use of lampshades with evidence from hotels and residential dwellings. Table-top Lampshades direct the rays of light to make sight easier for reading whereas bedside lampshades provide romantic illumination and beautification in bedrooms. This art studio research sought to examine lampshades on Ghanaian market; their qualities, significance, shortcomings, etc. as the basis to design and produce inventive lampshades for private and public use. The study was conducted at an art studio condition using Practice-based research design method. Findings show that lampshades serve functional and aesthetic significance in public dwellings and the hospitality industry. Nonetheless, available lampshades on the Ghanaian market lack the multifunctional property as well as a local touch which arguably makes them misfit in Ghanaian context in terms of usage. The innovative results of the studio-produced lampshades revealed the possibility of creating symbolic and multifunctional lampshades which suit specific space and tradition. The study recommends the adoption of such innovative design approach in the creation of interior design and decoration artefacts for residential and public edifices.
Cite this paper: Fobiri, G. , Ayesu, S. , Howard, E. , Crentsil, T. , Nyarko, M. and Schal, M. (2020) Multifunctional Product Design Concept in Mixed-Media Textile Lampshades. Journal of Textile Science and Technology, 6, 218-231. doi: 10.4236/jtst.2020.64018.

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